Industry First Passwordless Azure & Okta Security Solution for Wi-Fi & VPN

Extend your Azure and Okta policy to network security without passwords by leveraging digital certificates. The only solution that provides everything you need to deploy certificate-based 802.1x network authentication, with an all-cloud infrastructure environment.

Why Go Passwordless?

Certificates offer so much more context than identity:
  • Who and what type of user is using the service?
  • Who owns the device: corporate-issued or personal?
  • What type of device, make, and model?
  • When and how was the user last authorized for access?
  • What is the user’s current role/group-membership in the organization?
  • What current conditions and restrictions is the user subject to?

What do you really know about someone logging onto your network with credentials? Virtually nothing.

You may not realize it, but passwords are the single biggest threat to your online security – they're easy to steal, they're hard to remember, and managing them is tedious.

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The cost of using passwords and the associated security risk now outweigh the benefits. Even the strongest passwords are easily phishable and vulnerable to attacks, and user resistance to password requirements is high.

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Managed Device Enrollment

NIST has called PKIs integral to Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). One of the many reasons why a PKI is a foundational piece of ZTNA is because Certificates can verify a device's identity. The ability to tie network authentication to a trusted device allows for sophisticated Zero Trust network segmentation, something passwords were never able to do.

That's why we've worked closely over the years with partners like Microsoft and Jamf to design the JoinNow Connector PKI as an integral extension of your Device Management software. Using Industry-Exclusive APIs, Connector can automatically enroll, revoke, and renew certificates to any Intune-Managed devices, all without any IT or User interaction required. JoinNow Connector works with all major MDM vendors (Workspace One, Soti, MobileIron and more) and even your legacy Active Directory infrastructure so you can rest easy knowing your devices are secured.

A Managed PKI that Requires No Forklift Upgrades

JoinNow Connector PKI, our Managed PKI service, is designed to easily integrate into your existing architecture to power your Zero Trust initiatives via X.509 certificates.

  • Single-pane management GUI gives you one intuitive place for certificate management
  • Capable of integrating with just about every device management system with self-service certificate distribution available for employee-owned devices
  • Create custom certificates to ensure your network authentication is tailored to your organization’s needs

The Cloud RADIUS Preferred by Security Professionals

RADIUS servers that authenticate via username and passwords have shown time and again to be vulnerable to credential theft. Cloud RADIUS is fully passwordless and designed to work natively with your Cloud Identity.

  • The only RADIUS solution architected to authenticate against Cloud Identity Providers such as Azure AD, Okta, G-Suite.
  • Exclusive Role-Based Access Control technology empowers you to check user status real-time on authentication for maximum network security
  • Designed for certificate-driven authentication, ditch passwords for good
  • Zero Trust Network Access: Dynamically segment, or require MFA, based on user/device data, group policies, NAS-ID, Time of Day and much more

#1 Rated Enrollment and Configuration Mechanisms

A major barrier to passwordless authentication is ensuring every device gets, and updates, its certificates with ease. Our JoinNow Managed Device Gateways and MultiOS Self-service software provide painless certificate enrollment and renewals.

  • Extensive auto-enrollment APIs including SCEP, JSON, WSTEP, EST, and more.
  • Self-provision certificates and device configuration (Wi-Fi/VPN/etc) in just a few clicks.
  • Supports iOS, Windows, macOS, Android, ChromeOS, Linux, and Kindle.
  • Self-Enroll and configure Security Keys, such as YubiKeys. Ship and deploy keys for desktop login with single sign-on access to Azure AD.

As an organization we had an initiative to move everything to the cloud. SecureW2 allowed us to remove our reliance on AD, and use our Azure AD directly for our Wi-Fi and VPN authentication.

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