Want to learn the best practice for configuring Chromebooks with 802.1X authentication?

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Smart Card Management System (SCMS)

Our Best-in-Class Managed PKI now comes with Smart Card configuration and management technology. Everything you need to configure PIV-Backed Smart Cards for Desktop Logon, Wi-Fi, SSH, VPN, Application Authentication, and much more.

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As an organization we had an initiative to move everything to the cloud. SecureW2 allowed us to remove our reliance on AD, and use our Azure AD directly for our Wi-Fi and VPN authentication.

Single-Pane Management

  • Complete visibility over your entire network authentication infrastructure. View AAA, 802.1X Onboarding, and Certificate issuance events all in one-single pane
  • Allow helpdesk users access to enrollment and onboarding logs for easy and remote troubleshooting
  • Customize certificate expiration notifications so end users and administrators ensure certificates remain easily up to date and secure

Designed for Certificate Authentication

  • RADIUS Servers come pre-built to work with Smart Card certificate authentication
  • Industry-exclusive real-time user, group and device policy enforcement that works natively with modern Cloud IDPs like Azure, Okta and Google
  • Access RADIUS logs from the cloud with powerful Identity-based search mechanisms