Industry First Passwordless
Azure & Okta Security Solution
for Wi-Fi & VPN

Extend your Azure and Okta policy to network security without passwords by leveraging digital certificates. The only solution that provides everything you need to deploy certificate-based 802.1x network authentication, with an all-cloud infrastructure environment.

World's First Passwordless Wifi Hero

How it Works

Users Authenticate Against Azure, Okta, or Google via our #1 Rated Onboarding Clients
Timeline 1
After Credentials are Verified, our PKI Issues a Unique x.509 Certificate
Timeline 2
Software Auto-Configures User Devices for 802.1x Authentication
Timeline 3
Devices Now Authenticate via Secure Certificates Against our Service
Optional: Include Azure MFA for tighter authentication security
Timeline 4
Policies Dynamically Applied at Moment of Authentication