EAP-TLS Authentication

EAP-TLS Authentication

Today, a majority of organizations use usernames and passwords to secure their WLAN. Oftentimes, it’s the same username/password combination that is used internally to access their workspace. Technological limitations and workplace device composition have made this system an obvious choice in the past.

But as our world becomes more mobile and organizations rapidly adopt BYOD systems, these systems take more effort and harbor risks. It relies heavily on users to properly configure their devices and maintain strong passwords. Even the best security practices, like regularly resetting passwords, often result in large amounts of support tickets.

Forget About Forgetting Passwords

It’s time to make the switch to a TLS authentication system, the gold standard for network security. Instead of using a username and password to authenticate your device every time you connect to the wireless, a certificate stored on your device generates credentials for you.  Network admins look to certificates as the next industry standard for secure networks:

  • Secure Information– Because a certificate is generating the credentials, there is no compromising information being sent over the air. Eliminate network risks like Man-in-the-Middle attacks that can steal user data.
  • Establish Policies- Customize access and permissions down department, user, and even device. Set certificates to expire whenever best suites your corporate policy.
  • Connect Faster- In addition to skipping the password prompt, enjoy almost instantaneous wireless authentication.
  • Stay Connected- When your password changes, your devices all stay online! No more support tickets to get back online.

Traditionally, network engineers have passed over certificate based systems because of the difficulty involved in getting them onto devices and managing them. The IT department would have to build and deploy a certificate manager from scratch, and each certificate would have to be manually put onto each device by staff. Obviously, this is not very scalable.

The JoinNow Solution

JoinNow MultiOS works seamlessly with JoinNow Connector to build a complete policy engine needed to deploy an EAP-TLS network. Users install the certificates themselves with just a few clicks using our industry leading interface. Provisioning, management, authentication- everything is handled by JoinNow.

  • Quick Setup- Our TLS technology fits right on top of any PKI and is designed to work seamlessly with your already existing network deployment.
  • Robust Monitoring- Enjoy fine grain network control and monitoring. If someone is having connection issues, instantly diagnose the problem remotely.
  • Locked Certificates- Our CertLock® technology is the only system that exists to keep the TLS certificates locked to the device and prevents users from transferring them to an imposter.
  • Ready Support- Our team of experts is available around the clock to help you with your deployment and reduce downtime.
  • Guaranteed Savings- Reduce the number of help desk tickets, slash your security liability, and end productivity drains.

Quit passing the buck on security and make the switch to TLS. Click here to find out more.