Solutions for Enterprise

Enterprise Solutions

Over a decade ago, SecureW2 helped lay the groundwork for the BYOD revolution. While our product lineup has grown, our focus on improving the secure wireless experience has not.

Our solutions go beyond just cutting helpdesk costs associated with network encryption and device compatibility: we’re helping corporations prepare for the next generation of wireless opportunities and threats.

Don’t do wireless without it

Mitigate the risks of deploying wireless networks with our complete range of automation products.

  • Auto-configure devices to prevent them being lured by honeypot or evil twin attacks
  • Give encrypted guest access based on policy and user permissions
  • Easy issuance and management of device certificates, eliminating reliance on weak passwords
  • Lock certificates to client devices with our CertLock technology.

Future-proof your technology

Good security is about more than just solving all of the problems we’ve already encountered; it’s about anticipating and preventing the next generation of threats before they happen. Don’t wait for accidents to happen before you upgrade, do it now.

  • Roll out improvements and policy changes simultaneously
  • Automate policy enforcement
  • Easy deployment of EAP-TLS- the next generation of wireless security
  • Make your wireless security compatible with older devices and ready for new devices

Lower IT Costs

The BYOD movement has been slashing device procurement budgets across industries. Continue the trend by automating the tasks employees need the helpdesk for.

  • Quick and easy self-service enrollment
  • Remotely troubleshoot connection issues with our advanced device reporting
  • Upgrade from password based authentication to certificate based authentication, completely eliminating the connection issues related to password change policies

Deploy anywhere and for everything

SecureW2 has been deployed in any number of configurations for just about every industry. We’re ready to be surprised by some and clever way to automate wireless devices.

  • Ready for use in corporate, government, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, IoT services and beyond.
  • Flexible deployment that works in any infrastructure
  • Compliant with the most stringent of security and reliability requirements
  • 100% scalable

Deploy it in your environment and see the difference it can make.

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