Solutions for Service Providers

Technology for Service Providers

There has always been a gap between traditional wireless cellphone networks and high speed broadband networks. But that is changing right now with the current generation of technology initiatives. Wi-Fi hotspots represent a huge untapped resource for service providers looking to expand their networks and improve user experience with minimal costs.

User experience driven Hotspot 2.0

SecureW2 has the tools you need to meet all the criteria for the latest release of Passpoint certification, including integration with

  • Online Signup Server (OSU)
  • Policy Engine/Policy Server (PS)
  • Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Subscription Remediation Server (SubRem)

Deploy Today, Ready for Tomorrow

  • Scalable, high availability solutions that have already been tested in the real world.
  • Extend full legacy support to non-Passpoint devices with our innovative JoinNow technology, ensuring all users can enjoy the same level of seamless activity.
  • Backwards and forward compatible.

We can be your Passpoint experts.

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