JoinNow Connector PKI

Our Managed PKI service is designed to easily integrate into your existing architecture to power your Zero Trust initiatives via X.509 certificates. Benefit from the improvements to security and user experience via a secure cloud service.

  • Intuitive single-pane management with granular control of certificate lifecycles
  • Deliver both user and device context to every connection
  • Simple and secure, backed by HSM (Hardware Security Module)
  • Integrate with ease to nearly every device management system
  • Self-service certificate distribution available for BYOD/Unmanaged devices with JoinNow MultiOS.
  • Automatic certificate distribution to managed devices through our managed device gateways.
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JoinNow Cloud RADIUS

Certificate security requires high-performance authentication, so our Cloud RADIUS solution was designed from the ground up for passwordless and cloud identity-driven security. Cloud RADIUS empowers you to dynamically authenticate each device and apply the appropriate network policies based on user attributes.

  • Native integration with Azure AD, Okta, & Google for enhanced access control
  • 100% passwordless, no reliance on LDAP / AD or passwords
  • Faster EAP-TLS authentication for quicker connections and better roaming
  • Factor both user and device context for granular zero trust security
  • Close PKI integration with cert auto-revocation
  • Passpoint and OpenRoaming enabled
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JoinNow MultiOS

Getting certificates on all your unmanaged devices doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our self-service software for BYOD and unmanaged devices can provision and connect them across all manufacturers and operating systems regardless of the end-user’s technical literacy.

  • Device configuration software to ease user burden and errors while improving security
  • Provision certificates and device configuration (Wi-Fi/VPN/etc) in just a few clicks
  • Connect devices to networks and provide reporting, device analytics, and remote troubleshooting data.
  • Support iOS, Windows, macOS, Android, ChromeOS, Linux, and Kindle
  • Fully customizable onboarding page.
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JoinNow NetAuth

You don’t have time to approve every single guest on your premises for access and thanks to our JoinNow NetAuth, you don’t need to have the time. NetAuth is a self-registered and sponsored Guest Wi-Fi plus IoT authentication platform.

  • Customizable portal to guide guests to self-register for an account
  • Verify and notify guests via SMS and/or e-mail their guest accounts
  • Vouch for a guest via sponsor based guest registration, sponsor portal access via Okta, Azure AD, other SAML based login
  • IoT registration and access via MAC address registration system
  • Includes robust RADIUS service with 802.1X/ WPA2-Enterprise and MAC authentication
  • Enforce granular access policies including Duration, VLAN, ACL, User Roles, and more
  • Bulk upload guest accounts for conferences and other events.
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