JoinNow Connector

Certificates have been historically misconceived as difficult to deploy and manage, but with SecureW2’s world-class PKI services, certificate-driven network security is simpler than ever. Combined with best-in-class network configuration clients and managed device enrollment gateways, certificates are now easily attainable with JoinNow Connector.

Manage the Entire Certificate Lifecycle


Best-in-class enrollment solutions for BYOD and managed devices allows certificate-hardened security on all devices. Auto-enroll or revoke certificates based on real-time User Status. Combined with device monitoring and troubleshooting logs, customers often see a 10-50% drop in Wi-Fi configuration related support tickets after implementing SecureW2.


When users leave an organization, SecureW2 automatically flags their certificate so it can no longer be used to access the network. Powerful certificate management features allow admins to track and search for devices they want to revoke, and easily add it to the built-in Certificate Revocation List.


Custom policy generation delivers certificates to varying user roles. Create certificate templates to customize expiration, user access and much more. Automated notifications can be sent at intervals to remind users of upcoming certificate expirations.

Key Features

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Non-Exportable Certificates

Our client certificates are the industry’s first solution that ensures certificates stay locked to the device for which they were issued, preventing attackers from exporting private keys.

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Automated Certificate Management

SecureW2 comes built with Certificate Revocation Lists and provides mechanisms like Identity Lookup to validate current user status in the organization. Rest easy knowing that only current members of the organization have access to the network.


Powerful RADIUS Server Built for Certificates

JoinNow comes built-in with a world-class RADIUS server that was designed from the ground up for powerful, policy-driven, certificate-based Wi-Fi authentication.