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Track every device and user on every connection, enforce SSL inspection, support BYOD devices and more

Districts are always challenged with being able to observe the content students are browsing on both managed devices and BYOD devices. With over half of today’s traffic being SSL enabled the ability to decrypt SSL traffic rests on the ability to reconfigure each device that connects to the network with SSL Inspection certificates. This can be burdensome, but with the help of SecureW2 onboarding clients, the burden can be lifted with simple self-configuration technology for every major operating system.

Along with deploying certificates for SSL inspection devices, WPA2-Enteprise Wi-Fi certificates can also be deployed. The combination of the two ensures only SSL inspected devices are joining the network. Managed one-to-one Chrome and Apple devices often connect to Wi-Fi networks today using pre-shared keys (PSK), which makes tracking each connection difficult. Using digital certificates and SecureW2’s auto-enrollment technology for G-Suite, JAMF, etc., each device and user can be tracked uniquely.

Tie Network Users Closely with Certificates

By using Wi-Fi certificates, not only are PSK and password leaks eliminated, network admins can also put a name and device to each network connection.

  • Tie users and their devices via MAC address using Wi-Fi certificates
  • Eliminate risk of PSK and password leak
  • Track users simply via world class tools

Managed Device Auto Enrollment

Historically, a barrier to implementing certificate-based authentication and SSL inspection was the installation of certificates on end-user’s devices. SecureW2 provides a simple, self-service certificate enrollment solution and integrates with MDM’s to push certificates out to devices.

  • Native Integration for Windows GPO and G-Suite for Education
  • Integrates Airwatch, JAMF and other MDMs
  • Chrome extension to install certificates and configure Wi-Fi
  • Allows every MacOS/iOS managed device to retrieve a unique certificate
  • Use your Google Apps, or any other IDPs credentials for Wi-Fi SSO Authentication
  • Easy enough for elementary students to self-configure; setup requires just a few clicks

Integrates with Any Firewall to Enforce SSL Inspection

Generate SSL Inspection certificates with our Cloud PKI, allow users to easily self-install certificates in any device/browser, and deploy certificates based off user-groups with SecureW2.

BYOD Enablement

SecureW2 provides end-users an easy way to connect any device to a secure WPA2-Enterprise network. We also give the ability for admins to limit the number and type of devices allowed on the network, enforce SSL inspection and tie users to their traffic. Everything a school would need to implement a secure BYOD network.

  • Self-service software for Wi-Fi and SSL inspection
  • Limit number and type of device
  • Onboard every major operating system (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Kindle, Linux)

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