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Deploying the ultimate industry BYOD on campus

When it comes to network and wireless access, students will always take the path of least resistance. Universities already deploy some of the largest and most complex BYOD environments, and the glut of devices can often overwhelm IT resources. While it’s easy to blame the mobile revolution, the whole point of wireless has been to get connections in more places as easily as possible. SecureW2 is dedicated to making the easy options the best options, making networks more secure and users happier.

We were facing problems with manual onboarding. JoinNow provides a straight-forward utility for the onboarding process without requiring additional IT support.

Edwin Borja

University of Guelph CCIE #13056

Once we found JoinNow, the lights went on. We were really impressed, and it works great for us.

Marce Gonzalez

Consolidated High School District 230