Customer Stories

Learn how so many organizations trust SecureW2 with their network security. Certain customers have elected to withhold identifying information. If you'd like to request more information or a referral, please reach out to us at


MSD of Wayne Township

Indianapolis, Indiana

“Cloud has been a very positive thing. It was clear it wasn’t going to take hours or days to setup. And of course, that just doesn’t happen unless it’s cloud!”

– Pete Just, Chief Technology Officer Read The Case Study

Global Fintech Leader Switches All Devices to EAP-TLS with SecureW2

“After taking a look at different SaaS RADIUS solutions, we saw that SecureW2 was the only platform that met all of our specific needs.”

– Senior Information Security Specialist Read The Case Study

$15 Billion-Dollar App Startup Moves to Certificates

“SecureW2 checked all our boxes.”

– Senior IT Engineer Read The Case Study

SecureW2 Secures Infrastructure for $20 Billion Dollar Tech Startup

“It was a seamless transition for our employees in terms of user experience.”

– Associate Director of IT Management Read The Case Study

Fortune 100 Powerhouse Moves to EAP-TLS with SecureW2

“The solution is perfect. A lot of peace of mind knowing that no certificates will ever expire unnoticed.”

– Senior Director of IT Management Read The Case Study

Simply Business

Boston, Massachusetts

“Our support guys don’t have to look at SecureW2 at all. It just works!”

– Kassim Benhaddad, Senior Infrastructure Engineer Read The Case Study

Limerick Institute of Technology

Limerick, Ireland

“Hundreds of hours would be gone configuring devices if we weren’t using JoinNow. But more importantly, we are back to a very secure network, where all of our devices are now properly connecting using 802.1X”

– Mark Curtin, Sr. Technical Officer, Network Support Read The Case Study

University of Guelph

Ontario, Canada

“The support engineers are very knowledgeable and questions are always handled in a timely fashion.”

– Dennis Xu, Network Analyst, Computing and Communications Read The Case Study

Implementing Eduroam at the College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, Virginia

“As far as setting up the infrastructure, it was Plug-and-Play.”

– Norman Elton, Senior Support Engineer Read The Case Study

Instrument Case Study

Portland, Oregon

“Moving to SecureW2 allowed us to not only get rid of our on-premise servers, but it tied RADIUS and PKI Services to make things super manageable and affordable.”

– Brent Mills, IT Manager Read The Case Study