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Case Studies

COVID-19 Healthcare Provider Deploys Certificates For A Healthy Network

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Deployment Timeline

The client reached out to SecureW2 in March 2020, during the opening stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company was starting to launch its testing centers in the western US and needed help with their managed devices. SecureW2 helped them launch a secure Cloud RADIUS-backed Wi-Fi, with certificates deployed on 100 managed devices in their first location.

The company has since launched in all its locations and has its entire network completely backed with state-of-the-art security.


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it’s no secret that the healthcare industry was completely overwhelmed. Hospitals were filled to the brim with patients and testing sites had lines spanning blocks.

With this in mind, the company knew it had a massive undertaking at hand with its testing sites. They also knew they would have to deal with a tremendous amount of sensitive data from patients.

The company was working with a managed service provider to help them with network infrastructure, but they had a small team of just 12 people. With roughly 5000 devices to manage, the MSP had to figure out a way to keep track of a wide range of devices without overwhelming themselves.

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We knew we needed to use certificates because we simply couldn’t handle anything to do with password resets with our small team. Luckily, we found SecureW2 to help us out.

The client also needed a solution that would work seamlessly with their already existing infrastructure.

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We were looking for something that could easily integrate with all our different MDMs across all of our locations.


SecureW2 specializes in adapting to any environment, regardless of the MDM or OS.

The client was utilizing Intune, G-Suite, and Addigy to manage their Mac OS, Windows, and Android devices. This would normally be a massive headache as each system has a different process for certificate deployment, but with SecureW2’s SCEP gateways, certificate enrollment is a breeze.

Certificates are distributed to MDM devices for network connectivity, all without any human interaction.

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The auto-enrollment feature was honestly a lifesaver. Now we have certificates on all our managed devices, and they can easily be visualized in our management portal.

This solution makes it possible for the small IT team to keep track of such a large number of devices. Our interface lets them have complete control over the certificate lifecycle. Certificates can be set to automatically renew or be revoked, saving the IT team time that would otherwise be spent manually renewing and revoking thousands of certificates.

Plus, with our intuitive GUI system, little to no technical knowledge is required for management. The client also used our Cloud RADIUS to authenticate users accessing both Wi-Fi and VPN with no additional input on the user’s part. This is especially useful as the client doesn’t have to launch a separate RADIUS server at each one of their sites – Cloud RADIUS makes authenticating easy.

Evaluating Success

After the success of the first deployment, the company started using SecureW2 at each of their sites, deploying one by one. In June 2020, the company successfully completed equipping all their managed devices with certificates.

The company has a powerful 802.1X network backed with our dynamic Cloud RADIUS.

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We were blown away with how easy it was to have a certificate-backed network with you guys, and the support staff has been amazing.