Technology Solutions

  • Wi-Fi Security Integrations

    Extend your wireless infrastructure to layer in certificate-driven security, improve network performance, and deliver a best-in-class user experience. Our solutions require no forklift upgrades and quickly enroll users for certificates and secure network access.

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  • Certificate Auto-Enrollment for Managed Devices

    Certificates are powerful for use in Wi-Fi, VPN, Web Apps and SSL Inspection but deployment challenges remain. Windows, Mac, ChromeOS & Mobile devices can be auto-enrolled via SecureW2’s integration gateways for AD Domain, JAMF, AirWatch, Intune, G-suite and many other MDMs.

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  • RADIUS & Policy-Driven Access Control

    A unique high-performance RADIUS authentication solution for Wi-Fi, Wired, VPN, etc, that delivers granular access control. Customers with existing RADIUS solutions can leverage our certificate-based security architecture to extend their investments.

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    A solution that provides everything that is required to deploy EAP-TLS, certificate-based Wi-Fi authentication.

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  • Preventing Over-the-Air Credential Theft

    Credential driven network security has been the industry norm but provide major privacy and security challenges. SecureW2's certificate-driven onboarding and access controls solution work to prevent credential theft.

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  • Configuring Devices for Eduroam

    The #1 rated Eduroam onboarding client. Used by education institutions worldwide to enable their end users to easily and securely configure their devices to use Eduroam.

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