Why SecureW2?

Glad you asked…

Protect your identities from theft via Wireless.

Mutual Authentication for both device and network.

 Networks can be easily imitated and spoofed, don’t let your users connect to untrusted networks and give up their identities. Ensure their device only connects your legitimate network.

No more disconnects due to password changes. 

Goodbye annoyed users. Hello better network security.

Password change policies are great but breaking network access every time the user has to change their password is not. Eliminate network disconnects due to password changes and end the compromise between safety and ease of use.


Self-service security.

User driven. Unparalleled protection.

Trusting your users to always protect their data communications is hard, providing them self-service technology is much easier.


Cloud 9 on X.509

Protect your private keys. Employ industry-unique CertLock™ technology.

Certificates are wonderful but making it all work is not for the faint of heart. Ensure your private keys are generated and protected on your user devices.


Factor in two-factor security

Utilize your existing two-factor tokens for ultimate Wi-Fi security

Two-factor authentication delivers some of the highest levels of wireless security but the challenges include user fatigue. Combined with industry unique usability enhancements and functions, SecureW2 makes it easy.

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