RADIUS AAA Solutions

RADIUS Authentication Solutions

SecureW2 provides a cost-effective solution that enables organizations with an existing authentication platform to extend their infrastructure to a certificate-based authentication platform.

Leverage Existing
RADIUS Infrastructure

Integrate with our PKI to enhance your existing RADIUS by adding a certificate-based security policy.

No forklift upgrades are needed to deploy SecureW2, you can leverage the RADIUS components you already have.

SecureW2’s Cloud PKI and onboarding clients are field tested to work on all devices and operating systems.

There’s no vendor-lock with SecureW2; our software integrates with any and all RADIUS and Wi-Fi/VPN vendors.

Or Use SecureW2’s

A world class Cloud RADIUS integrated with our PKI and HSM (Hardware Security Module).

Our RADIUS solution was designed from the ground up for EAP-TLS certificate-based authentication.

Reliable architecture that is auto-scalable and comes with built-in redundancy.

RADIUS attributes inform and enforce the policy engine (IETF/VSA).

Management tools that dramatically improve network visibility and tracking.

RADIUS Integration in 4 Easy Steps


RADIUS + a Great Onboarding Client – Support Made Easy

The producer of the number #1 ranked onboarding clients for every OS.

Completely eliminate disconnects that are the result of password expiration policies.

Auto-detection and connection technology equals rapid and reliable RADIUS connections.

Auto-enroll your managed devices using gateways for MDM, MS GPO, and G-Suite.

Frequent RADIUS Troubleshooting – Thing of the Past

Experience a 10-50% reduction in Wi-Fi connectivity issues as a result of reliable onboarding and set-n-forget configurations.

Built-in self-service remediation tools reduce the need to dive into RADIUS logs.

Detect connection errors and leverage predictive reporting, all in the cloud.

Use migration technology to eliminate credentials, the top offender in RADIUS connection issues.

Certificates – The Difference for Better RADIUS Security

Certificates prevent over-the-air credential theft via Evil Twin attacks.

Certificate-based EAP-TLS provides faster roaming, reconnections, and authentications compared to credentials.

One cross-purpose certificate can utilize the RADIUS for Wi-Fi, Wired, and VPN connectivity.

If you’d like more information on how the JoinNow solution integrates with other third party RADIUS servers, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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