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  • LDAP Authentication with Azure AD

    LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) authentication can confirm user identities across a network. It uses a centralized directory system for user authorization and authentication. On the other hand, Microsoft offers a cloud-based identity and access management solution called Azure Active ...

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  • Understanding Phishing-Resistant MFA in Azure AD

    On an average day, most employees have to log into numerous different applications and resources at work. The influx of applications necessary for work has led to an exponential increase in login and authentication methods, including things such as one-time ...

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  • Can You Use Certificates for Single Sign-On (SSO)?

    Forgetting your password is one of the worst things about the internet. Unfortunately, it is encouraged to create complex passwords, making remembering them more difficult. Consequently, a considerable number of users elevate their vulnerability to cyber threats by either resorting ...

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  • Using Certificates for Granular Application Access with Microsoft Defender

    The cloud presents an enticing opportunity for businesses – it makes important resources available anywhere, allows them to offshore the cost of storage, and can even save them on hardware costs by hosting applications. But the cloud, inextricably tied to ...

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  • How to Configure Azure AD CBA

    With the introduction of Azure AD CBA, Microsoft has taken steps to move past using passwords - and your organization can, too.

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  • Wi-Fi Authentication and Cloud RADIUS Support with Active Directory

    Organizations that leverage Microsoft Active Directory (AD) often want to connect their core user identities to their Wi-Fi network. The goal is to enable users to authenticate uniquely to the network in order to increase security. The best practice for ...

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  • Intune vs. Workspace ONE: The Best MDM for Windows Devices

    The technological advancements in the last decade have evolved the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops in the corporate world. Before the pandemic, some organizations were skeptical about using these devices for official purposes, mainly due to ...

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  • This Security Flaw is Preventing Organizations from Switching to Azure AD

    The migration from on-premise to cloud-based network infrastructure is becoming more and more common. With better security, scalability, and user experience, the benefits of the cloud cannot be denied. For many Active Directory (AD) customers, this migration can cause issues ...

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