Shared Hosted RADIUS for Managed Service Providers

It’s widely accepted that using a RADIUS server for network authentication is the most secure method, but there’s a significant number of organizations for which RADIUS isn’t feasible.

SecureW2 has pioneered a RADIUS server that is infinitely scalable in both directions – up or down – so that organizations of any size can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an ironclad network. Our Shared Hosted RADIUS allows a service provider to use the same RADIUS server for multiple, separate clients without compromising security.

Use One RADIUS Server for Multiple Clients

Managed Service Providers offer a valuable service to their clients. By leveraging cloud solutions and scale, they can provide advanced IT services to companies that otherwise couldn’t afford the overhead of a dedicated IT team.

Typically, MSPs offer some sort of all-encompassing network security as part of their package, but rarely does it include RADIUS authentication. It’s simply too expensive for a 15-employee dentist’s office even though they might have HIPAA-protected data that requires advanced security. This puts both the MSP and their client in a difficult position of having to find an alternative, inferior solution.

But our new Dynamic Cloud RADIUS has a robust feature suite that enables you to use one RADIUS server for multiple organizations, each kept distinct in their own directory. Dynamic RADIUS makes runtime-level policy decisions by looking up user information in the directory. In contrast, normal certificate-based RADIUS authentication simply checks the CRL for revoked certificates.

That has a number of advantages, but for a managed service provider, the key benefit is that the RADIUS can sort authentication requests by organization (or any other attribute) before accessing any organizational network resources. Each of the clients is insulated from one another, maintaining full privacy and security while still utilizing the same RADIUS server.

Affordable RADIUS Servers for Small Organizations

Implementing the infrastructure for RADIUS authentication has historically been quite pricey. Even a managed, cloud-hosted RADIUS setup, while significantly cheaper, is still out of reach for many small businesses.

Shared Hosted RADIUS doesn’t reduce the cost any further than Cloud RADIUS, but it does make it more accessible to small organizations that wouldn’t be able to use a RADIUS otherwise. With the help of Managed Service Providers, we hope to extend the protection of RADIUS to a plethora of small businesses that have never had the opportunity before.

If you’re interested in learning more about SecureW2’s cloud-based, Shared Hosted RADIUS, contact us here!


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Shared Hosted RADIUS for Managed Service Providers