How can you make Wi-Fi connectivity as simple as possible, while maintaining security standards? Eduroam has addressed this challenge, providing secure roaming wireless access across the world to the research and education community. Eduroam clients use one set of credentials to access wireless networks at any participating Eduroam campus or business. JoinNow MultiOS and the SecureW2 Enterprise Client have been built to be compatible with Eduroam deployments out-of-the-box.

SecureW2 Customers Using Eduroam

The Eduroam SSID is popular throughout the world, and can be accessed at hundreds of campuses and businesses. Many Eduroam participants use SecureW2 products to deploy the Eduroam SSID including:

University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
University of Augsburg (Germany)
University of Twente (Netherlands)
University of St. Andrews (Scotland, UK)
Doshisha University (Kyoto, Japan)
California State University, Chico (California, USA)

Simple Eduroam Deployments

JoinNow MultiOS and the SecureW2 Enterprise Client allow institutions to deploy both an Eduroam SSID and a institution-specific SSID for wireless connectivity. Network administrators can choose which SSID would receive priority, and after being configured for access users can simply and easily connect to either SSID, securely and reliably.


eduroam is a registered trademark of GÉANT. SecureW2 is independent of GÉANT