BYOD is here to stay. Research reports have shown that BYOD will become the dominant practice in the educational sector within the next five years. The number of devices connecting to wireless networks is growing on a daily basis, and with this growth comes increased wireless network traffic and increased security needs. Network administrators need the proper tools to manage, monitor and secure these personally-owned PC’s, smartphones and tablets. SecureW2 delivers powerful and industry-leading tools for secure BYOD wireless networks, without the high costs or complexities of other products.

Simple, Reliable Connections
With JoinNow, secure wireless has never been simpler. JoinNow allows network administrators to quickly and easily build and distribute custom network configuration packages for BYOD users using the Quickstart Network Profile generator. Instead of hassling with complex multi-step configuration instructions that only confuse users and lead to high help-desk costs, JoinNow allows network administrators to completely streamline their network connectivity. End-users download the institution’s configuration package (either from an on-premise web server or the cloud), follow a few simple on-screen prompts, and get connected in no time.

End-User Experience
The reality of BYOD is that the end-user experience is absolutely paramount to the success of the network. JoinNow was built with the end-user experience in mind, carefully crafted to make the on-boarding process as easy and painless as possible. The simple, easy to follow prompts make getting configured and connected to secure wireless as easy as downloading a song online.

Agentless NAC
Controlling the requirements for device on-boarding and network access is another primary concern for BYOD networks. JoinNow provides network administrators with the tools they need to manage their networks and control access policies. JoinNow provides the option to check Windows and Mac devices to confirm that Antivirus is installed and Firewalls are enabled. JoinNow will also check DAT files to insure that anti-virus software is up to date, and allows for optional installation of a tray app to report active NAC status. If institution-required software is out of date or not located, JoinNow provides recommended actions. All of this data is reported back to the cloud and accessible at any time, making network analysis and policy enforcement a breeze. JoinNow provides all the lightweight NAC capabilities network admins demand, without the expense and large footprint of dedicated NAC clients.

Broad Authentication and EAP Type Support
Not every network is the same, and not every institution uses the same authentication methods or encryption types. JoinNow supports the deployment of PEAP–MSCHAPv2, and EAP-TLS (client certificates) using all native OS components. TTLS-PAP and PEAP-GTC support is also available.