FreeRADIUS vs. Cisco ISE

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FreeRADIUS vs. Cisco ISE

As organizations continue to grow, IT administrators are looking for better solutions for managing their network infrastructure. When trying to create the most secure network possible, it’s important to look at every facet of your system.

Often this means comparing different methods of each protocol available – FreeRADIUS and Cisco ISE are a prime example of this. While there is some functional overlap between the two, they do have some differences in usage cases. So let’s compare and contrast the two and see which is more beneficial for your network.

Cisco ISE

Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) is a RADIUS Server + policy engine that is used as a gatekeeper for the network through a series of data points, and then acting on those points through an integration with Cisco networking gear. ISE identifies, classifies, and tracks all endpoints connected to the network to allow the automation of policy provisioning.

Open integrations extend interoperability into the cloud. The team can integrate with cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) security solutions. The biggest benefit with Cisco ISE is complete network visibility. IT administrators have full detail of all devices on the network and are provided with an easy GUI so administrators can navigate easily.

However there is a big drawback with Cisco ISE that comes with it’s high cost. The cost is especially noteworthy when considering you will need to keep using Cisco products in order to maximize the usability of ISE.



An often used RADIUS Server comes from FreeRADIUS. The benefits of FreeRADIUS can be summarized in 4 points:


  1. It’s the most popular RADIUS server in the world for a reason; It works like a charm
  2. It is a no cost solution and it’s Open Source.
  3. It’s multithreaded, so it can process more than one transaction at a time.
  4. There are no license expenses, meaning that it costs the same to authenticate one device as it does hundreds.


That being said, it can be difficult for admins with little RADIUS experience to set up FreeRADIUS. It can also be difficult for organizations that have unique use cases to configure and customize FreeRADIUS.

However, many are unaware that FreeRADIUS offers consulting and support services at quite reasonable prices. Oftentimes it’s much cheaper to pay for FreeRADIUS services than paying for some of the traditional options. Compared to Cisco ISE, it’s going to be way less expensive. By using Network RADIUS’ Customization and Consulting Services (run by the creators of FreeRADIUS) you will be able to have a RADIUS server that is perfectly tailored to your environment, and best of all you will have no license costs!


Another solution comes from SecureW2’s Cloud RADIUS. Our team has designed the RADIUS to seamlessly integrate with any network infrastructure, while also providing an easy-to-use certificate onboarding service. If you want a set and forget RADIUS solution, while still maintaining bulletproof security, Cloud RADIUS is for you.

Our turnkey PKI solution and JoinNow onboarding software allows users to manually configure without the risk of any onboarding misconfigurations. JoinNow allows users to self-configure their devices for certificates in minutes. The process involves only a few clicks, and once completed, the user is equipped with a certificate and can be immediately authenticated. Our solution makes working with any IDP a breeze.

If you’re considering between Cisco ISE and FreeRADIUS, we recommend the latter of the two. FreeRADIUS is a much more cost-effective solution and you’re going to have a really awesome bespoke RADIUS Server through Network RADIUS. Additionally, SecureW2’s PKI and Onboarding software can be easily integrated with FreeRADIUS, giving you the best of both worlds. If you’re interested in SecureW2, check out our pricing page to see if our solutions can fit in your organization.


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