A Complete Platform for Certificate-Driven Security

In a 2016 Verizon survey, weak, default, or stolen credentials caused 63% of data breaches
Easily use x.509 certificates for Wi-Fi, Web/SSO, VPN and SSL Inspection.

Easy Integration

Leverage your existing Wi-Fi, Firewall and VPN networks with zero technology forklift upgrades.

Onboarding for


  • Onboard every major operating system with ease and deliver secure connections with no IT burden
  • OS auto-detection and delivery of security settings
  • SSID steering and connection technology, not just configuration but ensure reliable connections
  • Dramatically reduce helpdesk costs

Onboarding for

Managed Devices

  • Secure your network with certificates using the generation, delivery, authentication and renewal technology for both desktop and mobile systems.
  • Industry first Native MS GPO (Windows) and Google G-Suite (Chrome) support
  • Wide support for MDM/EMM platforms from JAMF, Airwatch, Intune and many more
  • Tie users and devices to every connection leveraging digital certificates

Improve network security, reduce IT costs, and give a better user experience with SecureW2

BYOD Onboard

MultiOS self-service clients with auto-remediation technology. Top notch user experience. #1 in app store ratings

Certificate Services

World class private PKI protected with HSM or easily integrate with your existing CA


Use our industry-unique RADIUS or leverage your own, for certificate-driven security

Managed Device Onboarding

Certificate security via enrollment gateways for all major MDMs, AD Managed PCs, JAMF and G-Suite

Over-the-Air Credential Theft is Easier Than Ever, Are Your Users Safe From These Attacks?


Get your network independently tested with leading Wi-Fi research firm Digital Silence, the authors of Wi-Fi assessment tool EAP-Hammer

Tiered Approach | Remote Testing Available | Custom Solutions

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Higher Education

  • Reduce support tickets related to Wi-Fi connectivity by 10-50%

  • Stop Wi-Fi disconnects due to password changes

  • Eliminate AD/LDAP credential theft via Evil Twin network attacks


  • Easily migrate pre-shared key and credential networks with digital certificates

  • Use built-in RADIUS and PKI services or integrate with your own

  • World class MDM support and BYOD support via quick-setup agents


  • All-in-one cloud solution for Wi-Fi, VPN, SSL-inspection security

  • 100% software based, just bring any Wi-Fi, Wired, or VPN hardware device support for desktop, mobile or IoT


  • Eliminate pre-shared keys and auto-enroll certs via G-Suite, JAMF/MDM & MS GPO

  • Track each user and device to every network connection

  • Setup and connect BYOD devices for Wi-Fi and SSL-Inspection

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