A Complete Platform for
Certificate-Driven Security

A 2018 report from Akamai discovered 8.3 billion credential compromise attempts in a 2-month period. Eliminate the threat by using x.509 certificates for Wi-Fi, Web/SSO, VPN, and SSL Inspection.

Easy Integration

Leverage your existing Wi-Fi, Web, Firewall and VPN infrastructure with zero technology forklift upgrades.

Industry First Passwordless Azure & Okta Security Solution for Wi-Fi & VPN


Enabling 802.1x in the cloud has never been easier. SecureW2 provides everything you need to use your Azure, Okta, or Google to enroll and manage certificates for secure Wi-Fi authentication. Plus it comes with the World’s only Dynamic Cloud RADIUS server, giving you everything you need for secure WPA2-Enterprise network authentication.

Onboarding for


  • Onboard every major operating system with ease and deliver secure connections with no IT burden
  • OS auto-detection and delivery of security settings
  • SSID steering and connection technology, not just configuration but ensure reliable connections
  • Dramatically reduce helpdesk costs

Onboarding for

Managed Devices

  • Secure your network with certificates using the generation, delivery, authentication and renewal technology for both desktop and mobile systems.
  • Industry first Native MS GPO (Windows) and Google G-Suite (Chrome) support
  • Wide support for MDM/EMM platforms from JAMF, Airwatch, Intune and many more
  • Tie users and devices to every connection leveraging digital certificates

For Wi-Fi, VPN and Desktop Login

Easily Enroll Certificates to YubiKeys