WPA2 & 802.1X In Higher Education

Complex and Diverse Environments

Just as diverse as your student population are the variety of devices those students are using to connect to your wireless network. Today, the average student owns three to five wireless-enabled devices, ranging from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to all builds of Windows and Mac OS X laptops. These highly-connected students expect to be able to access the campus wireless network from all their devices, without sacrificing security or ease of use.
Onboarding these devices to secure networks is one of the most challenging components of any campus wireless deployment. This common problem leads to lines of frustrated users, headaches at the help desk, and painfully high support costs.

Onboarding Student-Owned Devices

With a customer base including top universities and colleges from around the world, JoinNow MultiOS is a proven wireless onboarding solution that helps resolve the challenges of WPA2-Enterprise and 802.1X. JoinNow provides your students and staff a quick and painless self-service solution for onboarding student-owned devices to your campus wireless network, without a trip to the support desk.

With a variety of flexible deployment models custom built to fit your needs, JoinNow MultiOS programmatically configures the user device for the WPA- or WPA2-Enterprise network. JoinNow removes all of the complexity by automatically configuring PEAP and EAP-TTLS, certificate-based EAP-TLS, or two-factor systems based on security tokens and EAP-GTC. JoinNow MultiOS can easily install third-party software and also configures trusted root certificate authorities, eliminating the headache of server certificate validation.

JoinNow goes far beyond device configuration, ensuring that users are successfully migrated to the secure network. Whether the user needs to update a driver, install a service pack, or disable a third-party wireless utility, JoinNow will not only identify the issue, but can also help the user to remedy the situation without burdening your help desk.

Reporting and Visibility Features

With its reporting features, JoinNow MultiOS gives your IT department and help desk a window into the user experience, providing critical visibility and device information that is otherwise not available. The SecureW2 Management Portal displays real-time reporting of the onboarding progress. If a user is having difficulty, you can quickly view the steps the user has taken, obtain detailed information about his or her device, and assist with remediation.

JoinNow MultiOS provides a complete onboarding solution for your campus wireless network, alleviating the daunting task of supporting a diverse BYOD environment at your school. By automating the client-side WPA- or WPA2-Enterprise network configuration with JoinNow, you can help users access the campus wireless network with minimal effort while maintaining your standards-based network security.