Device certificates actually attached to devices.

Certificates, like usernames and passwords, are a type of authentication mechanism for networks. Unlike passwords, certificates typically cannot be compromised. They’re tied to an identity and cannot be stolen. Certlock adds a second layer of protection by ensuring certificates cannot be exported from devices.

Using device certificates to authenticate to wireless and other services provides numerous benefits:

  • Faster authentication times
  • No need to reset passwords every 90 days
  • Certificates can’t be lost or stolen
  • No need to remember credentials

But there’s one overlooked risk: the private keys of a certificate, if not stored in a hardware smart card, can be moved off the device.That creates a security vulnerability and introduces risk.

The JoinNow product suite has comprehensive private key protection technology. Private keys are always generated inside of the device, which removes the potential for them to be compromised during transit.


Set It And Forget It

Set it up one time, and watch it work. No need for maintenance, management, or IT training.


Low Profile

CertLock works with most infrastructures natively. Deploy without hassle and with no downtime on network or devices.


Deploy Anywhere

Certlock works on any device that runs Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux. The possibilities are endless.

Eliminate Risk

Certificates are already the most secure network authentication method – make yours totally airtight. Rest easy knowing that your devices are impenetrable.