Digital Silence

Digital Silence

Digital Silence is a boutique security consulting firm with advanced wireless capabilities. SecureW2 has partnered with Digital Silence to provide full wireless assessments, wireless perimeter testing, and stationary remote wireless testing. If you’d like to receive wireless penetration testing, SecureW2 offers special pricing for Digital Silence’s services.

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Digital Silence Service Offerings

  • World Class Wi-Fi Security Assessment
  • Intelligence-Lead Red Teaming
  • Network Application and Physical Testing
  • Social Engineering Assessments & Awareness Training
  • Threat Intelligence and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Analysis
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)


Why SecureW2?

With thousands of clients and over a decade of experience, SecureW2 is the industry leader in secure wireless automation. Become a partner today and get access to a world-class product lineup.