Resolving iOS 7 Certificate Issues

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Resolving iOS 7 Certificate Issues

The latest iOS 7 release is known to cause connectivity issues for Organizations that are using a server certificate that was issued by a subordinate CA certificate.

Resolving this issue by hand means that BYOD users must manually add any intermediate certificates to their device. In many cases, the iOS 7 device trusts the root certificate (ex. AddTrust External CA Root), but one or more intermediate certificates in the trust chain are unknown or untrusted, thus causing the device to not connect to the secure network. By adding these intermediate certificates, iOS 7 devices can then determine that the chain between the organization’s certificate and the root certificate is trusted.

WPA/WPA2 onboarding technology such as SecureW2’s JoinNow makes addressing certificate issues such as those presented by the changes in iOS 7 as simple as possible. JoinNow customers simply specify their intermediate certificate(s) within their JoinNow configuration package – the user’s device will be provisioned with the proper certificate trust automatically and requires no additional work or headache for the end-user.

More information regarding iOS 7 security: