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How can businesses keep up? The global WLAN security market predicted to skyrocket within the next 5 years.

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How can businesses keep up? The global WLAN security market predicted to skyrocket within the next 5 years.

The latest and greatest smartphones are more likely to have productivity apps that foster innovation within the workplace. How can businesses say no when these devices enhance employee performance? According to a report published by TechNavio in December, wireless security systems are in demand as more and more companies implement BYOD policies.

The tech-focused security firm stated that the global wireless security market as a whole will grow at a compound annual growth of almost 28% between 2015-2019. This growth is foreshadowed by the high demand for enhanced network performance and the sensitive nature of the information stored on smartphones and other devices.

Does BYOD leave the door open for potential security threats? Allowing employees to bring devices to work can bring inherent risks to the table for organizations responsible for safeguarding confidential information, such as identity theft and falling victim to a cyber attack. On the other hand, preventing employees from using their own devices only creates problems, resulting in employees sneaking in devices on the corporate network without the permission of IT.

Businesses must implement robust security measures that do not impact user experience. Manually onboarding devices increase the likelihood of error in the configuration process, potentially opening up the user to a security vulnerability. If not configured properly, your company’s users can fall victim to a wireless man-in-the-middle attack, which involves a perpetrator mimicking a public SSID in order to steal personally identifiable information such as usernames and passwords.

How do you strike a balance between security and flexibility within the workplace? SecureW2’s automated, BYOD onboarding solution offers unrelenting security across every major operating system and eliminates shortcuts often taken by self-registration. Configuring users within minutes via a simple, streamlined process not only saves valuable time for your IT staff, it provides the gold standard in over-the-air encryption.