Agentless Network Access Control (NAC)

Having a say in who and what comes on to a secure wireless network is increasingly important as the user base of devices continues to grow and becomes more and more diverse. Windows and Mac OS X systems are both susceptible to virus and malware attacks.

The risk involved with allowing unprotected devices grows as viruses and malware become more and more prevalent and devastating to system functionality.

JoinNow allows network administrators to set and enforce agentless NAC policies to ensure a healthy network and user base.

JoinNow can check that Anti-Virus software is installed and up to date, Firewall is enabled, and drivers are updated on end-user devices.

Check end-user device for Peer-to-Peer and file sharing software and report back to the cloud.


Choose to enforce necessary actions for access if users do not meet network access policy requirements, notify the user of the requirements and provide an option to skip, or simply report system status back to the cloud.

Check for and enforce policies surrounding Mac OSX version updates and Mircrosoft Security Center updates.

Establish minimum Operating System version requirements for end-user network access.

Users who fail to meet necessary Network Access policies can be directed to institution-specified licensed or recommended Anti-Virus software.

Customize messages displayed to end-users for remediation, including recommended software URL's.